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Capability Fuel was written to provide its readers with the tools and habits that maximize human performance and generate momentum toward ideal outcomes. The author, Joel Puthoff, takes his readers on an introspective journey to uncover the challenges holding individuals back from accessing peak performance in areas of their life, while providing a manual for developing your most transformable capabilities, to manifest optimal progress.


Capability Fuel offers wisdoms that have held true through generations of high performers and have recently been discovered through modern science and medicine. These wisdoms are directly connected to the core group of human capabilities that transcend performance forward toward intentional goals and experiences. Certain human capabilities are important at different times in an individuals journey, but there are a core group of capabilities that continue to be discussed and hold true through difficult and changing times.


In Capability Fuel, you will learn about these core group of capabilities and how they are tied to the fuels and habits that propel human performance to achieve optimal outcomes. These Fuels review the Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Social Fuels and how they can work together to activate new momentum, and when implemented effectively through long-term routines, maximize human performance. Capability Fuel will offer you a manual for increasing your potential while increasing your performance. As you sharpen and increase your mental capabilities, you can more readily increase your performance in all areas of your life.


Take the reins of your future and create the experiences and momentum for the life you desire to uncover. Capability Fuel is your guide for unlocking your ideal performance, by learning to implement a set of habits that is designed to fuel your most transcendent capabilities, no matter what challenges you're faced with. Get out of your comfort zone and pursue difficult objectives, just make sure you have this manual to maximize this journey!


Learn, Implement, Master and use the Momentum you create, to fuel your next level of performance.

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